Lingua-Port Translation Agency provides professional language services at business and private meetings and conferences.
Our project managers select the interpreter and the interpretation type most suitable for your needs, taking the burden of selection and making arrangements from your shoulders.
In cooperation with our partners, we also provide the full infrastructure necessary to perform the interpreting job.

Interpretation types

  • Consecutive interpretation: ideal for discussions, presentations or meetings of a smaller scale. This form of interpretation doesn’t require any special infrastructure. Speakers stop after a few sentences or a sequence of thoughts and wait for the interpreter to summarize the delivered speech as accurately as possible, either from his notes or by heart.
  • Simultaneous (conference) interpretation: this type of interpretation is mostly characteristic of larger events and conferences, where interpreters interpret delivered speeches from a booth, via headsets, while the speaker is delivering the speech without pauses. Interpreters take turns in approx. every half an hour. Simultaneous interpretation requires substantial knowledge of the topic by the interpreter, while the translation agency must provide extensive infrastructure.
  • Chuchotage /ʃu.ʃoʊˈtɑʒ/ or whispering interpretation: in such instances, the interpreter is standing next to the client or clients and simultaneously interprets the speaker’s message in a low voice. An advantage of this type of interpretation is that it doesn’t require expensive equipment.
  • Phone interpretation: this type of interpretation is the latest, increasingly preferred version of interpreting. Its advantages are that no personal meeting is necessary, it can be performed on a low budget, can be organized promptly and it is flexible in every way.
  • Sign language interpretation: the interpreter conveys the speaker’s words in sign language in real time, supporting the communication of deaf or hearing impaired participants.

Our Values

A professional team

Translation and interpreting is not only a job for us; it is our calling.


Customer satisfaction encourages us to strive for continuous development.

Fast turnovers

Our customers’ needs are important to us, which we accommodate by offering flexible deadlines.