Certified Translation

Lingua-Port Translation Agency’s certified translations are accepted by business entities along with several Hungarian and foreign authorities. Certified translations are incorporated into official form and a clause is affixed to them. The clause attests that the contents of the source and target texts are identical.
Clients are recommended to contact the competent authority to confirm the required certification level of the translation. If the translation needs to be attested by OFFI (Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd.), we have your document translated by a specialized translator, then we make the necessary arrangements with OFFI to have it reviewed and attested.

Feedback from our clients indicates that our services save them substantial amounts of money, time and resources.

Our Values

A professional team

Translation and interpreting is not only a job for us; it is our calling.


Customer satisfaction encourages us to strive for continuous development.

Fast turnovers

Our customers’ needs are important to us, which we accommodate by offering flexible deadlines.